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January 01, 2013



I've officially lost reverence for your political analysis. I now read you with a grain of salt.


Hang in there, PM, we are all frustrated. I have had this feeling since the 90's and the impeachment debacle when I vowed it would be a freezing day in Hell before I voted for a Republican. Things will, no doubt, get worse....maybe we (Americans) need that to finally clean house!

Robert Lipscomb

Let's see, all my Republican friends and all my Democratic friends think that Joseph Stalin's mass murders and all of Hitler's mass murders were terrible. So, the Stalin and Hitler mass murders must be a good thing.

Okay, I am now qualified for my job in punditry. "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Demille."

Peter G

The Republicans were soundly defeated. No social spending cuts. Taxes rise on the upper bracket. Unemployment insurance extended and that is pure stimulus.. There is nothing objectionable in this deal except the line at which tax increases are set. And, unfortunately, the other item you named. They should have extended the middle class tax cuts and not made them permanent. Oh well, the taboo against raising taxes is now broken and the future must take care of itself in that regard. On the political side I can think of no better outcome. If the Republicans dick around with this bill when it had such broad support in the Senate they will be dead ducks. The Hastert rule is about to fall and with it any semblance of Republican unity. The republicans were completely out maneuvered. And now the only fallback defense line they have is taking hostage even they know they dare not shoot. In the political environment that exists right now, this is victory.

Chris Andersen

The measure of a good deal is not how soundly it humiliates Republicans but whether it protects the welfare of the American people. A lot of the liberal criticism of this deal seems to be of the "it doesn't fuck over the GOP so it must be bad" variety.

Please don't fall into that trap.


"Now [the enemy is/will be] emboldened."

Phil, when you start making non-ironic use of phrases from the Bush 43 Administration to ascribe adverse motivational consequences to otherwise sensible political maneuvers, it's time to back away from the rhetorical details and just look at the fundamental dynamics. I think you're lost in the weeds here.

The GOP has been busy digging their party into a hole for 4 years (longer, really), and you're upset at the President for reinforcing their trench walls, just because they don't deserve that help. As if desert was at all relevant. This seems like the same logic that fought the financial bailouts.

The problem is that the Dems and Repubs are on the same damn chain gang. If the GOP collapse into their hole as a unified faction, I wonder how badly that'll restrict ANY political action for at least the next Congress, and possibly the entire Presidential term. Let's get the smarter (or less damaged) Republicans working their way out so maybe the President can keep moving on some other agenda items besides CRUSHING THE GOP.

Peter G

The lead article over at Red State, by Eric Erickson is unintentionally enlightening. He urges Republicans not to take the bait. The last line..."this vote will separate the conservatives from the Republicans." Why yes Eric it will. That's the whole point.

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