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January 30, 2013


Unfortunately, I'm not hearing anything from the president or anyone else in D.C. about job creation these days. It's all about the budget, and yes this time it is both sides at fault.

I (and my business friends)continually conduct a very of scientific survey of asking all our business acquaintances, "So what do you think this year looks like?" Given the effects of "six degrees of seperation" , it can be amazingly informative to compare notes with people who have compared noted with people who have ...

As of a couple years ago, everyone was looking for the cloud that had to be attached to every silver lining. Last year was a mix. This year everyone looks to find the good news in every report of bad news.

This is good news for speculative investments and hiring.

Still, very unscientific.

The austerity will continue until morale improves.

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