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March 05, 2013


Robert Lipscomb

The GOP reminds me of an army fighting furiously while making an orderly retreat. All excess wait is being disposed.

First they abandoned the culture war. Then the military was abandoned; neo-conservatism. Now, regardless of what they say,they have given up on balancing the budget in order to hold on to their one remaining goal - no taxes on the rich.

It is interesting that their first love is trickle-down economics.

Conversely, Obama's top priority is not so much to increase taxes, as to restore progressivity to the tax system. This is the ultimate rebuttal of trickle-down Reaganomics.


Agreed, Robert; except where you suggest that the GOP ever cared about balancing the budget. They haven't for some time, don't now, and won't any time soon, except to deploy fake concern for the deficit as a marketing slogan to stop Democratic presidents from passing any new legislation that might show that activist government can have good results when judiciously deployed to the right things.

The second they get back in power (fingers crossed that this won't be for a while yet), they'll go back to their "deficit? never heard of it" posture and resume their "tax cuts are the cure to the problem, whatever the problem is" orthodoxy, and continue lying about how tax cuts raise revenue- never mind those librul booklearnin numbers that say the opposite.

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