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April 29, 2013


Was that up against Hillary Clinton or just a nameless democrat?

Against Hillary, O'Malley, Cuomo, or Al Smith.

And he lost against ALL of them? Wow, like you wrote about a week ago, 2016 is going to be pretty dull isn't it?

Don't tell him that. He's expecting to beat Monroe's electoral college victory.

Ah, but you forgot to take into account all of the electoral college games the GOP might play between now and 2016.

There is a tendency to conflate Paul's political positions with those of the proverbial Tea Party and to conflate that with Limbaugh's "conservative Republicans. Is that true? Specifically, what part of the GOP does Paul truly represent?

He is virtually an isolationist on foreign policy and supports legalization of ALL drugs. As I recall, he supports dramatic cuts in the military.

I realize PM is making a larger simpler point about Paul, but it raises another question. How does any other GOP candidate win if they have to bring along Paul, his potential supporters and the other extremist who are at odds with Paul's idea of Republicanism?

What are the electoral projections when all the persuadable voters assume the GOP and Paul are one and the same/

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