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April 29, 2013


Here is either the rock or the hard place for the GOP and its delay game.

One may assume these estimates to be reasonably accurate and truly conservative. 2014 might not be a revisit of the Roaring 20's, but the end will be in sight. Americans will be smelling recovery in the same way that a stampeding herd of cattle coming out of the desert smells the river.

And the GOP will be there trying to stop everything.

Sorry, a little off topic, but more on the previous post and to PM's point about GOP behavior during the Obama years.

his one turns my stomach and buttresses Krugman's central thesis.

So if they say they want to avoid blame for another debt crisis, does that mean they admit they are to blame for the last debt crisis?

I wouldn't read too much into this. It's not like the House GOP leadership runs anything, least of all their caucus. I'm not sure if Boehner is even trying anymore. No doubt the President has some thoughts about using tax reform to close loopholes he'd be happy to discuss if they're serious (ha!), but just because the leadership is selling doesn't mean the mob is buying. I think the leadership's real goal is to find something their mob will accept short of crashing the world economy just because. I wish them luck; they're going to need it.

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