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June 30, 2013


Welcome to the world of strange bedfellows where sleep was never the intention and all parties are trying to screw the other in permutations undreamt of in the Kama Sutra. If Obama wishes to remain a voyeur I'm fine with that. See where Gay marriage lead?

I am in no way a fan of us getting entangled in the Syrian civil war. Nor am I an expert on the above-ground or under-ground global arms emporium. However, what I have gathered from hither and yon makes me skeptical that such weapons are all that impossible to get, regardless of what the Qataris may or may not do. I'd be happy if anyone who knows about such things could provide some more solid information.

Don't know if you have ever read Aviation Week and Space Technology Charlieford but they are a pretty authoritative source for such capabilities as are at all public when it comes to weapons like this. You may take it that any heavy commercial airliner is a sitting duck for such a weapon at takeffs and landings. It might not take down a heavy multiengine aircraft but it could.

I assume that everyone notices we are not actually doing anything of significance to the US. We are kind of thinking of maybe selling a few more weapons to a a couple of targeted groups - that apparently already getting weapons from Qatar.

It seems more like Obama has called the right's bluff and now has the Tea party attacking the McCain wing.

Well played Mr. President.

P.S. Darryl (and his other brother Darryl) is still in checkmate on the IRS SCANDAL.

P.S.S. Lord Snowden is busily telling the world that the US NSA is is surveilling them - as though they did not know (or guess) it already.

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