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June 28, 2013


This is certainly a more persuasive argument. I think you are right in that all observers can rely on the Republicans to screw this up. And I hope you are right that the ground is better than many realize. The Republican's relentless efforts at vagina management certainly aren't helping them with women. Still a little voice inside my head keeps warning me that the far left of the Democrats will be of little assistance and perhaps even toxic to these efforts. If it is theirs to lose they'll find a way. The most likely scenario would come from pushing unelectable candidates in primaries.

I think this week in Texas may have been the shot heard around the world in the fight for women's rights over their own bodies. That condescending jerk governor made it c clear who he thinks is boss in the vagina department and it ain't women. Clearly the women of Texas think differently. Really bad move on his part and hopefully he'll pay dearly for it.

"A more humane, less costly immigration bill would emerge from the first year of new Democratic majorities--and after all these years of waiting, another 18 months are but a pause."

You're starting to sound like the "kill the bill" crowd who were convinced that killing Obamcare would result in a better bill being produced. What evidence is there for this, even if we take as a given that a failed bill would result in Republican losses in 2014?

And I'd like you tell Dreamers and others to their face that they should just wait another 18 months. I'm sure they won't mind you characterizing it as "just a pause" in their decade long effort to establish their rights.

Beat the GOP by aping them?

By any means necessary, Robert. This is not a gentleman's disagreement. It's a knife fight. In a cellar. At midnight. In a thunderstorm.

I'm a guy who likes a good metaphor, shsavage, but like all rhetorical devices, they have limitations. Use 'em to highlight important aspects of (or critical relationships affecting) political realities. But please don't reduce complex social, technological and political dynamics into bumper sticker sized similes to be used as the basis for a political strategy.

If this is a stormy midnight basement knife fight, we're having it with our paranoid schizo brother, and our parents and siblings are chained to the floor in rising flood waters (you know, from the thunderstorm and all) and they need both of us to get them unchained and upstairs because the crazy brother has the combination on half of the locks. Oh, and brother's anti-psychotic meds are in the drawer next to the knife rack up in the kitchen. Poor planning, I know.

Ain't analogies fun when you try and overextend them?

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