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June 26, 2013


In case anyone is wondering what progress looks like, seeing as it almost made the endangered species list, the SCOTUS ruling on Doma would be a prime example.

And good ol' Tony Scalia provides the laffs.

Yesterday he joined an opinion that said, in effect, "we don't need this old-fashioned law against discrimination. Pffft, times have changed! Racism is done! Also, I am smarter than Congress (who reauthorized it in 2006)"

Today, authors an opinion saying, in effect: "OMG how can we be tinkering with the old-fashioned defitinion of marriage! And how can we go against the will of Congress?? (DOMA passed TEN YEARS BEFORE VRA was reauthorized) Get off my lawn, queers!"

The self-appointed arbiter of judicial consistency executes a perfect 180-degree flip. Asshole.

So are the rulings today examples of incremental progressivism?

Anne, no. Remember, it was just one justice different from yesterday and, unfortunately can give a patina of respectability to the court it doesn't deserve.
I am glad about today's decisions, to a point. But notice they passed on the issue of Prop 8, as that would have caused them to really address gay marriage as a whole.

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