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June 27, 2013


So, in the light of this post, do you think it still makes sense to wait for the resounding mid-term victory of 2014 to tackle immigration reform in 2015 with your hypothetical Democratic majority? Because it looks like to me you are arguing for the worst of both possibilities. Back burner immigration reform to the dismay of minorities most affected and wait for voter suppression to shrink your electorate still further. I think I'd be bringing both issues front and center before the election when one might actually use one, suppression, to achieve the other by getting out the under performing votes sitting right in front of you.

The VRA decision seems to be just about as perfect impetus as you could ask for if you want the Democrats to start slamming Republicans hard for a 2014 run. What better way to get out the message that Republicans are maliciously impeding progress in Washington and wantoning damaging the country for political gain than a huge voter registration effort coinciding with a national Democratic offensive?

If Obama and the DNC are going to slow-play a meek hand, this is a terrible turn of events. But it could, with considerable effort, become the catalyst for a very uncommon midterm election.

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