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July 29, 2013



Well, write whatever floats your boat. As much as I agree with what you wrote, I'd much rather endure the depressing and demoralizing rehashed venom than relinquish America to the final assault via a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

Peter G

Who am I to judge a man on the limits of his endurance. I was fortunate enough to meet my wife on a political blog and how far from romance can you get? She can't stand it now. The frustration got to be too much.

For myself I still hold Bill Clinton in considerable admiration for his superb political and communication skills. His wife I have long admired since the shit kicking she took for the work she did on health care so many years ago. That is one tough woman. Scandal magnetism be damned. It wouldn't matter who the Democratic nominee is. What does not exist in terms of scandal would only be invented anyway.

Chris Andersen

I am sure I am not the only one who wishes for a more perfect candidate than Clinton, but given the current state of the nation, she may be the best candidate we could hope for.

In other words, she's no the president we want, but she is the president we deserve.


I am fine with a Hillary candidacy and presidency mostly because, at least right now, she looks to have the strongest coattails. Getting the House out of the hands of those malevolent nitwits means as much as winning the presidency.

All the reasons I preferred Obama to her the first time around remain - she'd likely be more hawkish, and no better as far as progressive economics. But I think she'd do just fine overall and she might have more success smacking the GOP around than Obama has.

But, sigh, yes, the scandals will return. Hillary is far more disciplined than her husband, it seems, so hopefully she wouldn't give them any new real scandals - they'll just have to create fakes ones like they're doing now and recycle old ones - which fortunately will be about 20 years old by 2016.


Write about literature. I'll have to Google some of what you write but do literature. :)


As long as we have Democratic Presidents we will have fake scandals.

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