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July 26, 2013


Peter G

Okay so the torture part is new. But it isn't the first time such assurances have been given. My country requires such assurances where the person subject to extradition may face the death penalty. Such extraditions are forbidden under Canadian law. Although we did manage to overlook this impediment in the case of Charles Ng. And you're welcome to him.


I was willing to cut him some slack the first time this happened, but after the next revelations and the way he appeared to use his wife as a human shield at his press conference, it made me realize that everything about Weiner is just "look at me, look at me" in one form or another. Even in this day and age where the proliferation of money in politics had made people full time candidates and part time legislators, at some point after being elected you do have to get in, shut up, buckle down, and do some work. His legislative accomplishments are practically zero, but he sure did put on a good show. He had me fooled for a couple of years. Has he ever even outlined a plan for the largest city in the country?

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