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August 23, 2013



Sometimes when I'm interested in some sick amusement I'll read some of the comments on right wing blogs. It's grimly amusing how many of them just by replacing a few words with their antonyms would fit in perfectly on certain left wing blogs. The base is always being betrayed, the leaders are always too timid and compromising, elections the other side won are always rigged, and the solution is always to yell louder. The Republicans have made a fatal mistake by catering to and empowering these people; the only question is how many of the rest of us will they take down with them?


I am almost afraid to know what Ted Cruz's intentions are. He creeps me out. He's smart and well educated yet he throws the reddest of the red meat to the base, just like Old Cantaloupe Calves Steve King and that hayseed Louie Gohmert. To me, Ted Cruz is simply up to no good.

Peter G

He does exude a certain creepiness doesn't he AnneJ? I suspect he suffers from a personality disorder. Narcissism to be exact. I'm quite certain he believes he can covert the unbelievers by the sheer force of his personality.


Peter G., I believe you are right about his disorder. Didn't Charles Manson think the same thing?

Jim Milstein

I doubt, Anne, that Charlie thinks much about Ted, but if he does, I'd be interested in his opinion. Manson, it is said, has a sense of humor that can't be beat.

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