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August 22, 2013



The rump of the GOP, who most reliably vote in primaries, do want a shutdown/showdown.

So I don't believe for a second that we are out of the woods on this one. Tailgunner Ted is gonna keep foaming at the mouth on this until the fat lady sings.

Peter G

My wife has a guilty pleasure. She calls it train wreck television and it features things like obnoxious nannies and housewives of various municipalities and other persons neither she nor I could tolerate for five minutes in person. My guilty pleasure seems to be traIn wreck politics. And I have to say nobody does it better than our American cousins.


I agree. Nobody cares what Boehner the Grim Weeper has to say, least of all his own caucus. Even if he does beat the odds and get his way, the rump will take out their frustration in a bit of fraternal bloodletting.


And when the 'Baggers don't get their Social Security checks they'll probably blame the President.

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