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August 25, 2013


Jim Milstein

Coates, in The Atlantic, has been arguing against a strictly class-based point of view. He makes a pretty persuasive argument that Progressivism through the New Deal has depended on white supremacy. I was shocked, but TNC makes many good points to that end.

Robert Lipscomb

This will never happen until progressive and the left learn to like and embrace working class whites rather than reviling and insulting them.

Just know beforehand that it cannot be faked.

Peter G

A very thought provoking thesis that. And it appeals to me a great deal. I've always begun my personal view of the role of government with questions. Who do I want to have enough to eat and drink? Everyone. Who do I want to have health care? Everyone. Who do I want to have an education? Everyone. I could go on but that's is ssentially my view of what government should provide and then some. Within this framework there should be some means for individuals to distinguish themselves by hard work or inate talent. I have no real problem with capitalism as a means of efficiently allocating resources. It is the distribution side that is the problem.

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