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August 27, 2013



I have a dream.. of what could have been had he lived and been successful with his poor peoples' campaign.

I have a dream... Of republicans actually working with this president out of concern for the country.

Hey, I can dream can't I?

Peter G

I would agree with you too. There are other things King left to later years. He didn't really touch on the war in Vietnam until 67 either. There wasn't much point to diluting his message until the war became unpopular. He was still ahead of the curve in 67 and was criticized for his words. What might he have achieved when the main legal battles on civil rights had been won and he had more freedom to address other issues we can only speculate. But I believe you are correct, the trajectory was clear.

Robert Lipscomb

I have no idea what Rev. King would have done.

If fifty years later, we want to our political agenda about class rather than race, we must convince white workers to join us. Neither they nor anyone else will never join any group that vilifies them and ridicules them.

If we want to win, we must find a way to engage them. Engagement always requires respect, empathy and validation of the other person's feelings. Bill Clinton was ridiculed for, "I feel your pain", but it was highly effective.

While I completely disagree with the conclusions reached by Reagan democrats, they were not "wrong" to feel the way they did. A well worn chart used by the left documents that median wages stagnated beginning in the early 70's and lower incomes dropped. That was just about the time African-Americans became partially economically enfranchised. White workers were not bad people for adding one and one and getting three - especially with the help of Reagan.

If you want to win the game, then you have to win back the Reagan Democrats.

If you only want to win arguments, then make white workers your inferiors and your enemies.

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