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August 29, 2013


Peter G

You will have as many opportunities as you please to appreciate authentic Washington bullshit. It is not a colorful as the frontier kind but every bit as fecal.

Robert Lipscomb

Congress has not declared a war since WW II because all of our military actions since then have been in the service of our empire. You can bemoan the fact that we have an empire, but you really cannot deny that we have one.

There's the rub.

Our constitution never countenanced us having an empire. Hell, it barely countenanced us being a nation rather than a confederation of independent states.

Yet, here we are and there sits our commander-in-chief. Like it or not, our presidential elections elect someone to run this damned empire.

i am sorry if this is not the way the textbooks say it is or the way it should be. I'm just tired of pretending to be a republic. Maybe Caligula had it right when he turned his senate into a whorehouse.


The best way for Obama to get himself off the petard upon which he's hoisted himself is to go to the Congress and ask for a declaration of war.

Peter G

Now you're talking shsavage. Of course that would be like turning on lights at night in a cockroach infested room. I have a strong suspicion many congressmen would find a compelling need to be elsewhere. It would known as the Great Skedaddle.


Maybe it's time to abolish Congress. It gave away its war powers, it doesn't want them back lest they interfere with carping from the sidelines, and it has grown so dysfunctional in exercizing its remaining powers as to be an obstacle for all progress in this country. Just turn the Presidency into the elected dictator so many people think the office is anyway. If you're not convinced, take two months to think it over and we can discuss the matter again after Congress gets finished destroying the economy.

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