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August 31, 2013



I am very happy for his caution. To me it shows courage rather than the macho "I'm a war President" of the past. Kicking this into the Congress is great. The British House made their stance know may take months for ours to even bring it to a vote. In the meantime, keep our ships off shore with the threat of using force. Don't get me wrong, I am sicken by the pictures of children killed by gas or by any means, but the U.S., sadly cannot police the world.

Peter G

I see people still don't believe Cameron's party whip could count votes before they are cast. Obama is wise to follow suit. This is a debate that should be welcomed.


1-I believe there is considerably more to this than meets the eye. Actions and talks behind the scene helped make it clear that this was a terrible idea with worse consequences.
2-I believe Obama's controllers greatly overestimated the persuasive effect of his popularity. To quote a great philosopher, "There's some of this shit I'm just not going to eat."

Chris Andersen

How is this a reversal of course? He says he thinks he has the authority to strike Syria. How is this a reversal? He says he is going to ask Congress to approve. How is this a reversal?

A lot of the talk about this seems to be based on a lot of assumptions about what Obama was going to do. Yet no evidence is offered to show that what people thought he was going to do was actually what he was going to do.

No, it's just a lot of self-congratulatory "we persuaded him to change his mind" talk.


Yeh, Chris, the banshee left loves to claim credit for anything good that Obama does, after relentlessly attacking him for what they imagine he's going to do (which generally isn't even close to what he actually does).

With friends like these....

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