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August 27, 2013


Robert Lipscomb

What PM fails to acknowledge is the widely reported story that our intelligence has already verified the culpability of high Syrian military officials in ordering and executing the attacks in the form of documented communications. The documentation has already been shared with officials in Europe and the Middle East.

Peter G

Robert this report may well be true and it may well be complete nonsense. I am not accusing the current administration of pulling a Cheney, by which I mean, planting a story in the morning which they cite as supporting evidence in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the term "widely reported" often translates as completely wrong. I am not against the use of force, let that be understood, in the defense of otherwise defenseless civilians. But, if used it must be exquisitely balanced so as to eliminate the use of gas while not inflicting so much damage it opens up the gates of hell and leaves about ten centuries of grievances to be settled. And nothing to stop it.


Lobbing cruise missiles at targets from ships in the Mediterranean. I recall we did that back in the early 1980s, just south of Syria. I can't recall how it worked out, however.


Agreed, PM. Getting into this is foolhardy. Take a look at Kevin Drum's assessment of an article in the LA Times today, in which Ken Dilanian writes that plenty of foreign policy experts are skeptical about the effectiveness of lobbing a few cruise missiles against Syria. And listen to Fareed Zakaria, who has some important words of caution for the U.S.


This intervention is complete madness....we are going to lob some missiles into Syria and not kill any innocents? The only plus I can see is if we strap John McCain to the first one!

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