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September 27, 2013


Peter G

Awesome isn't it? And what makes it particularly delightful is that the One True Reactionary will have to back away from just about everything they stand for in order to have a hope of not losing as badly as Goldwater. Now that's going to be riveting television.


Well it's only 2013 and a lot can happen between now and then. As we saw during the 2012 republican primary circus, the base is very fickle and quickly change their loyalties to whoever is the current flavor of the month in their sorry excuse of a political party. They also have no business complaining about their candidates not being radical enough. ( I refuse to call them conservatives) It's on them to choose their nominees during the primaries, and if they wanted a true radical to be their nominee, then they should have nominated one. Lord knows they had a deep bench of right wing crazy to choose from during their tragically funny primaries.

Peter G

Right you are Anne. A conservative would try to conserve something. Anything.


Well they are trying to conserve as much of the defense budget, as much rich people's money, and as many tacky Biblical monuments in public places as they possibly can.


Not to mention conserving white fundamentalist Christian dominance of the country.

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