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September 26, 2013


Chris Andersen

The public is so massively confused on this (deliberately so). They disapprove of tying deals to the budget but approve of tying them to raising the debt limit, but they do so by viewing each of these matters as exactly the opposite. They appear to think the budget is what you can't put conditions on while the raising the debt limit is what you can. But it is the budget in which Congress decides whether to spend money or not, not raising the debt limit. So if you think Congress is spending to much then it is right that you should dig in your heels on the budget. But the debt is something Congress has already obligated the government to pay, so it is the very thing you *can't* welsh on if you want to keep your reputation intact.


That's because each one is 110% American !

Peter G

Such mysteries are easily explained with a simple Venn diagram. There are people who want to cut spending and there are people who decry spending cuts. But the biggest overlap is always the people who want cuts that affect everyone but them.

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