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September 30, 2013


Peter G

I suppose what you say would be true about journalists if their primary function had not evolved alongside the evolution of news organizations as entertainment industry profit centers. At the risk of repeating myself with an analogy, the fact that the referees in Olympic wrestling competitions wear the same uniform as the referees in the World Wrestling Federation (Or whatever they are calling themselves these days) does not make their jobs the same.

Chris Andersen

I first became aware of Josh during the Lewinsky scandal when he published some pieces questioning the wisdom of the Republicans hunt for Clinton's scalp. I vividly remember him going on Reliable Sources and being asked by the host if he, Josh, was worried that he might be labeled a water-carrier for the Clintons.

It was one of the most nakedly, "How dare you suggest that the Republicans are making a mistake" moments I've ever seen on TV.

What's amazing now is that "maybe the Republicans are to blame" is almost reaching the point of unacknowledged conventional wisdom (unacknowledged in that few of those who realize this are brave enough to actually say it out loud).

That Josh is one of those who is afraid to say it shows that he is now a veteran of the beltway.


Becauseb you see, the obligatory "serious" journalistic position has always been that "both sides do it". So he's taking a walk on the wild side here by saying that both sides don't do it.

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