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September 28, 2013



So sad that the president can negotiate with Iran and Syria better than with congressional republicans.

I have over the last couple of days seen liberals on tv almost rooting for a government shut down and hoping for a Ted Cruz/House Batshit Caucus victory on this round. They say it's because it will hurt the republicans so badly politically, they won't have the muscle to make their unreasonable demands when it comes time to paying the country's bills. Somehow I doubt a political loss for these nut jobs on a government shutdown is going to stop them from being monumental jerks anyway when the debt ceiling comes up next month. They don't want to govern, they want to burn the whole thing down, and a lower approval rating in the event of a shutdown isn't going to deter them.

Peter G

I had this vision from my childhood while watching various hard line Republicans declaim on their favorite subject of dealing with perceived fiscal irresponsibility with even worse irresponsibility. Does anyone else remember the character from the Felix The Cat cartoons named VaVoom?

Suzanne Holland

I worry that you are right Anne.......frightening...

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