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September 29, 2013


I am considerably more optimistic about the future than your last two ominous paragraphs would suggest. Forces are gathering unseen that make this outcome extremely unlikely. I believe that a government shutdown will have the necessary effect and although the timing would be better if this took place closer to the midterms. A failure to raise the debt ceiling or even to obtain a continuing resolution has immediate consequences. Pundits tend to focus on people who will be affected , government employees, military personnel and such and that is important. But even more important I think are the funding streams that go to the innumerable corporations that feed off the public teat. The people who manage those firms aren't going to like this one bit and they do understand the issues. The Republicans can not live on Koch brothers cash alone and they are likely to find many of their major donors are unhappy with tea party control of he party.

"Rep. Peter King has estimated that roughly two-thirds of his partisan colleagues agree with him (and Boehner) that the current House strategy is insane...."

Two-thirds would be a lot of folks to list but a few names seem appropriate. A quick glance at the NYT link appears to omit these potentially brave Repugnants.

it saddens me that after all this time even the more intelligent ones like you still refer to the 2 sides congress and there is no such a thing ... it is one sided to money only ... think about all the ones like you -less intelligent than you but still opera-ble/tive who could all swing together -one big push- and start your own rumor that the upcoming xxx party is way ahead of the rest when blah blah blah ... that is propaganda a-la-repub but still that should waken the pseudo-librul media ... be it that you will assemble average iq'ed journalists but they can all write the same thing ... the repubs did it with no less than super retards like reagan,bush et al and they did it because they pushed together ... to give you an incenetive think of the face(s) of the vile obscene cocksucker(s)like gingrich delay ughhh i might have soiled my keyboard ...

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