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October 25, 2013


Peter G

A new literary genre? Non-science fiction. I note in Frum's litany of political mistakes and unanticipated economic conditions he omits an essential requirement of a Cruz victory: no Republican says or does anything stupid.


Good point, Peter. Now in his political version of "Road Warrior" is a Ted Cruz victory supposed to be a good thing, or a bad thing?


Yep, it would take an earth-shaking cataclysm that can be pinned on the Democrats to give Ted Cruz a whiff of a chance.

Obama won't be on the ballot and Hillary will calibrate her campaign to either be his heir apparent (if the economy starts taking off) or a steady hand who can build on what Obama did right, and right what he did wrong (if the economy is struggling), etc etc.

There's only an opening for a carnival barker like Tailgunner Ted if Obama's 2nd term is considerably worse than George W. Busheseque, and call me a partisan but I don't see that happening.


And to AnneJ's query about Frum: He might say some thoughtful things about how bat-gauno-insane the GOP has gone, but he's nowhere near the point where he'd actually vote for a Democrat over a Republican. No matter who that Republican is.

Frum is a useless opportunist who is just butthurt that he was drummed out of the club. He'd jump at the chance to be invited back in and start pumping out the very same fact free propaganda the Bush team paid him to spew. He's just being "reasonable" right now because that's where there's advantage to be gained.

I have absolutely no use for the guy. Or David effing Brooks for that matter. He's running the same exact con.

Peter G

Well it would take an actively legislative congress to recreate the disastrous polices that led the sad state of affairs at the end of the Bush Administration. So I have to agree with Turgidson. Anne's observation is equally germane. Frum isn't too clear about whether or not a Cruz victory represents an American renaissance or a signal that the endtimes have in fact pulled into the station.


Frum--no fan of Cruz et al--is intent on putting the fear of Yahweh into establishment Republicans and getting them to reach for their wallets. That's all.

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