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October 22, 2013


Peter G

Had it occurred to you that a central tenet of Modern American Conservatism is that Barack Hussein Obama is a nearly talentless parvenu who managed to get elected only on the strength of messaging and oratorical ability. That and an inopportune economic meltdown. I would honestly say that represents their core belief. It does not take much of an imagination to see that Ted's next conclusion would be that if Obama can do it then he can to. I don't imagine the modest adulatory crowds he meets are helping him to see the distinction you have just made. Which is that Ted is just an asshole. A well spoken and expensively educated asshole but still just an asshole.


You bet that occurred to me, Peter. But the differences in context are so vast, only profound ignorance could conflate them--and, again, because Cruz is educated, I'm still perplexed.


Educated doesn't mean smart, PM, as I'm sure you know. And just what was the quality of that education for that particular student? Was it mind-broadening? Or did he merely learn whatever talking points he needed to regurgitate in class and on exams in order to score high marks? Given his naked opportunism, I'm inclined to believe it was the latter; that he is in fact narrowly brilliant and broadly ignorant.


True, Janicket. Have been there myself. That's how I got through Statistics in grad school. I didn't comprehend a word of it.


Ha! I got through my freshman Sociology 101 final exam by taking every book I'd been assigned to read, boiling it down to one or two catchphrases per text, and memorizing them, then bullshitting my way through the exam questions. Piece of cake.

That's why I gave up planning to major in sociology; seemed like a pointless waste of time. Instead I ended up pursuing an interdepartmental major in Medieval Studies. Which was hella more fun and actually was a broadening education, if not immediately applicable to any career path.

Jon Ponder

It's all a con. He knows he'll never be president. What he's after is the lucre he'll pile up writing books and from speaking engagements and, if he's lucky, a six-figure hosting gig on Fox. This same con is working quite well for Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump and other famous grifters. Pretending to run for president pays extremely well, and it's a lot less stressful than actually having to BE president.


He's educated, but completely lacking in self-awareness. And so, the world is his oyster.


I am not an educated woman. (Thank you, Peter G. for inspiring me to look up "parvenu" in the dictionary) In fact, this site is where I get a lot of my education from. But could it be that maybe Ted Cruz is just a glorified, highly educated snake oil salesman? He must be smart enough to know what is said about him outside the bubble and how most people who even know who he is can't stand him. I think he takes that back to the bubble and spins it as proof that they're "winning". Maybe he tells them that the negative view of him means that we're just afraid of him. I think he tells his worshippers, the bubble people these things and then asks for their donations to the cause, without any clear picture of what the cause is or what victory in the cause looks like. He made them believe he could stop the Affordable Care Act and they believed him and handed over their money. He may be making them believe that he can be president and they send him even more money. I think he may go the way of Newt Gingrich one day. The new guy that only stupid people will think is brilliant. Maybe?

Peter G

If you feel a lack of education Anne permit me to assure you that has never been apparent to me. I find your comments very astute and your questions apt. And we are all getting an education here.


Thank you, Peter, and thanks for the inspiration! Upon further review, I don't care what Ted Cruz is thinking or what he's up to. I just hope he goes away soon. He looks like Freddy Kruger with a manicure and I can't stand the sound of his voice.


@Jon Ponder "Pretending to run for president pays extremely well, and it's a lot less stressful than actually having to BE president."

I could picture Newt Gingrich saying to himself, "Oh crap! This was not supposed to happen!" when he was momentarily the front-runner in 2012.

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