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October 23, 2013


Peter G

It is somewhat dismaying to see Grayson's antics celebrated on various left wing blogs. It's as if the existence of Bachmanns and Goehmerts requires an equally offensive reply. As you note, to my relief, the relative numbers of barn burners favors the Democrats.


It is only of very small consolation to know that Alan Grayson is the only democrat that is comparable to the hate-filled vitriol that comes from the right. This is one of those days where I think I should just stay in bed and find some good old movies to watch. I don't know why I subject myself to these things when I'm trying to adjust my psych meds.


Fortunately, the Democrats have already more-or-less cast Grayson aside as a lone troublemaker who speaks only for himself.

The GOP has done no such thing with their legion of nutballs who say heinous and offensive things daily.

Grayson's remarks definitely give the mass media some cover to keep saying "see? both sides are just so nasty!"

I agree it's better for our bombthrowers, to the extent the left actually has them, to not be elected members of Congress. But, I have to admit, I have grown so disgusted with the teabaggers that I'm not actually that upset with what Grayson said. They really are a despicable lot by and large.

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