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October 24, 2013



What bothers me the most, is their sheer meanness, their open malice towards the poorest and most vulnerable. Not just with making a concerted effort to make sure that people go without health care, but also the savage cuts they are preparing to make in SNAP benefits while handing over billions more in giveaways to millionaire farmers, many of which are members of congress. They hide behind the bible as if that somehow conceals their naked cruelty towards the less fortunate. It seems as though they are doing everything they can to make the economy as horrible as possible, and then taking even more from the poor even as the demand for services rises. It is sick, just plain sick, and something is going to have to give soon.

Peter G

Be of good cheer Anne and esteemed host. I think we are privileged to witness one of those seminal moments in political history and that is the collapse of a long standing right wing coalition between business interest for whom ideology is merely a tool and the merely ideologically committed.

Panic on the right is growing and some exchanges of fire have taken place but nothing like what I think is to come. Once the heavy expenditures of money begin with the Rovians battling the Cruzians for party control this will, like all civil wars, be awesomely bloody and inevitably Pyrrhic no matter who "wins".


Speaking of exchanges of fire, here's a salvo from a Taft of the Taft Republican dynasty:

Hear the RINOsaur roar!


Thank you, Peter. I just hope that the rest of the country doesn't have to be collateral damage in the process. And thank you, Janicket for that amazing op-ed!

Suzanne Holland

You give me hope Peter, but AnneJ everything you say so perfectly, I feel!!

Peter G


Peter G

Sorry for sullying your site with that link PM but this is getting ever so much fun to watch.


Thanks, Peter G. I noticed that he used the word "by" when he was supposed to use "buy". That kind of stuff drives me nuts, but if they don't care about the truth, why should sloppy spelling be an issue?

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