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October 29, 2013



Maybe if he doesn't understand the basic laws of supply and demand, he doesn't deserve to be in business. Does he honestly believe that any government regulations on business affect whether consumers choose to shop or not? When people need to buy clothes, they go buy clothes and I doubt most of them give a moment's thought to the taxes or labor laws retailers must abide by before they go shopping. Consumers in the market for clothing, just go clothes shopping, and maybe the most attention they pay to any retailer is who is offering the best deals. Sounds like just another stingy right wing business owner who is using the administration as an excuse to justify his stinginess. Unless of course he can come up with a single policy enacted by this administration that has directly affected his business in any adverse way. Can he? And since this is the least productive congress in modern history, then I suspect anyone would be hard pressed to find any new law or regulation placed on business besides the passage of the health care law which probably wouldn't affect this guy anyway since I doubt he has more than fifty full time employees. I wonder what he would be saying if these economic conditions were persisting under a Romney administration.


Doesn't matter what the objective facts are, Anne; his rightwing bubble tells him the Great Satan Obama and his demonic horde of DemonRats are the cause of all that is wrong with America, and he goes with his milieu's effluent flow because swimming against the feculent tide is too much effort.

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