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November 21, 2013


Peter G

Okay I'll buy that within reason. Surrogates are needed to do this and if I am not mistaken I am seeing them develop now. This morning I watched for about the fifth time an add pushing for bi-partisanship on immigration reform before I could read the small print. The time for immigration reform is now it tells us. Now you know as well as I do that trying to blame equally the Republicans and the Democrats for blocking immigration reform is purest bullshit. Yet this ad is brilliant not because it appears to assign blame equally but because it demands action now. It demands action on an issue that cannot hurt Democrats but kills Republicans. Now. I look forward to future endeavors along these lines.

Peter G

I think your prayers just got a little bit answered. Senate rule changes are going to put judicial nominees on the front burner. Will the Republicans manage to not make this contentious issue, presidential appointments by Democratic presidents, the latest controversy? I'll bet they won't.

Robert Swartz

The Democratic Party needs a mid-term manifesto - our version of the Contract with America. I'd pivot around it being
- pro women (vs. pro-choice)
- pro working americans at all levels of employment (CEOs and hedgies excepted)- living wage, continued assault on health care costs
- pro democracy - open and unrestricted voting,
- fair taxation - fewer subsidies for businesses, simplified tax code overall, and, last but not least
- Pro American - Investing here in infrastructure, jobs, new-model manufacturing.

Robert Swartz

Under - Pro Working Americans, meant to add immigration reform - to bring the "value creators" more fully into the society they work hard for. Take that, Frank Luntz.

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