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November 25, 2013



No wonder the American right wing love Israel so much -- they're both belligerently insane solipsists.


I think part of the reason the Obama administration is pursuing the Iran deal (along with the fact that Rouhani's election provided the opening) is that they know that getting a meaningful Israel/Palestine deal done is damn near impossible with Bibi at the helm. They have made an admirable try at pushing the parties together, but ultimately Bibi will blow up anything that stands a chance of working.

With Iran, all Bibi can do is scream and threatent to hold his breath and make himself look like an intransigent jerk. Mission accomplished, Bibi.

Peter G

Diplomacy giveth and diplomacy taketh away. I would say it was neither naive nor sour grapes to point out, in that particular way, that the Palestinians are going to be screwed. Which they would be anyway. It's more in the nature of telegraphing the obvious silver lining to those inclined to perceive it as such. And I'm pretty sure Shumer et al got the message. There is something in this deal for everyone you see. Except of course the Palestinians.

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