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November 26, 2013



We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Peter G

Steele puzzles me. Known largely by his reputation as a bumbling incompetent while running the RNC he comes across now as if he possessed a solid if not brilliantly insightful understanding of politics. I find it difficult to believe that he did not understand exactly what he was doing when he encouraged the tea party takeover of his party. And who they were going to screw.


It's all relative, Peter. Back then he came across as a bumbling idiot. With the GOP's ever-accelerating rush to embrace it's Know-nothing roots, Steele is now a Wise Old Man; and he hasn't changed a bit.


Unfortunately, for all of his stumbling and bumbling, Michael Steele was very successful in his tenure at the RNC. That was the last time republicans were truly victorious in elections, and to me, that makes him one of the most destructive people in modern American politics.


Not only Chris Matthews, but Bill Maher loves this guy too. Always on Realtime where he actually comes across as "reasonable" - that being a fluid description of course.

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