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November 23, 2013


Peter G

I do so enjoy these posts of yours lampooning the stupidity that surrounds us. Thank you.


I'll second that Peter G! May I offer a quote (I have to paraphrase) from -- I think Dave Barry -- "Humor is a measure of the extent to which we realize we are trapped in a world without reason. Laughter is the way we express our anxiety about that realization."


Although I'm glad they did this (can you believe Graham's comment?), as a chemical engineer in the semiconductor industry, I gotta say the Helium reserve bill is about as important as you can get. It's really, REALLY important.

Peter G

Astonishing isn't bphuaric that such an important thing with such a minuscule supply should be the punchline of a joke? Or that it should be wasted filling balloons?

Jim Milstein

I'm with you guys. Helium is truly important. You can have all my gold. Give me helium!

Gold has some excellent properties, and I respect them, but helium shines like the golden sun. It is truly noble.

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