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November 29, 2013


Peter G

This is a difficult issue. When does tolerance imply endorsement and when does it not? Even the most devout believer in the concept of free speech (and I count myself among them) must believe that there are consequences that the speaker must bear. To this we must add the problem of the mote and the beam. There is no limit I can impose on the right with regard to what is acceptable speech without recognizing limits on the left. Buchanan was banished when he stepped over the line and so was Baldwin. But I have to say that Baldwin was an extremely poor choice of voice for a progressive view as MSNBC clearly intended his role. That was something he just could not do after opening his mouth as he did.

Mark C

Sullivan supported Baldwin;s firing not only because he is gay, but he is a gay who thinks it's still the 80's and everyone from the President on down is out persecuting him personally. Buchanan probably hates gays but never publicized the fact. That's it. It's all about Sullivan and his tender feelings; facts and principle have no place in the discussion.


What the hell?

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