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November 18, 2013



And I don't seem to understand anything I'm reading today. But this is what stood out for me: "There was a huge bubble, but I missed out because I was governor for eight years. "

Is he saying he wanted to get into the real estate bubble knowing how many people he'd be able to screw over while it was inflated but missed his chance due to being governor of Florida?

Ansel M.

That's the way I read it, AnneJ. I reckon that we "little people" really don't understand the greed mentality of most rich people or their willingness to screw over anybody to get MORE ...

Jim Milstein

No, no!

Jeb was sad because he lost his chance to lose everything in the big bubble pop, just like the little people, of whom he is a distinguished example. He comes from a family of ordinary folk dedicated to being ordinary in the ordinary way.

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