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December 24, 2013


"We now know how technology is destroying privacy,"


This speaks volumes of just how ignorant 90% of the population is of the technology they use every day.

And the outrage that followed Snowdon's fantastical revelations, no matter how insanely immpossible "the NSA can go back in time and listen to any conversation you've ever had", (really? we all got chips in our heads when we were born, or are you really Sherman and know Mr Peabody and his WayBack™ Machine?) shows the level of continued ignorance about the data itself and how the NSA is using it.

Pope Frank it the Person of the Decade!

Maybe it's because I live and work in the tech field, but nothing Snowden has revealed has come as a surprise to me.

What has come as a surprise is how surprised so many others were at just how little security there is in a digital world.

I'll endorse Andersen's view to the degree that I don't think Snowden revealed anything particularly surprising or egregious at all. But I completely concur with our host that Francis is by far the greater story and of much greater import in the overall scheme of things.

And I will take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays. Indulge and enjoy.

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