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December 31, 2013



There are a lot of us who read every word, every day, including the comments, and we just don't feel we're erudite enough to comment ourselves. But we do so appreciate this blog. I know I speak for many. Thank you.

And there are those of us who can't shut up! And will keep reading you even when we disagree.


And that exurbanmusings critter is me, Janicket, trying to find a way to sign in as such. Lessee if I can do it this time....

S. Holland

Perfectly stated!!


Let me second and third earlier comments.

There have been times, quite honestly, that I have been furious with some of your statements, PM, but I read every day because I know you are honest to yourself in what you write and NOT trying to placate or pull in readers.

I am a twitter addict but one thing I don't do is get into sustained arguements with people who have different views simply because one can't do so in any kind of efficacious way.

So yes, I will continue to read and occasionally comment as well.

Peter G

If you were to give in to the temptation to build readership through ideological purity you would certainly lose me as a steady reader. That's not why I read and comment here. Mind you on other sites I am considered something of a pain in the ass and my absence no great loss. But that is due my acute sensitivity to bullshit which coupled with an obsessive compulsive drive to disturb complacent undisturbed bullshit often results in unpleasantness. And it's more than a little fun.
This place, on the other hand, is a fine whetstone for sharpening one's thoughts, learning a few things and enjoying acute observations. Oh and the laughs. I particularly enjoy those. Leave the tweets to the twits.

Peter G

By the way, just so it can't be said I cannot appreciate a fine tweet, I will suggest the best this year consisted of exactly three words from Ricky Gervais. He tweeted, "Spot the typo."


One of the reasons I read this blog most days is that you make me think AND that your commenters are almost unfailingly civil, even in disagreement. I find your blog enlightening and refreshing, so thank you!


I have to admit: among the many reasons I enjoy this blog is that one of my favorite pastimes is "recreational annoyance." In other words, I find great pleasure in being annoyed at our culture, and P.M. is a master of getting me really annoyed--whether it be at cold-hearted Republicans or clueless Democrats or lazy teenagers or whatever. Hell, that's one reason I'm still a devout Christian. Because few things are as annoying as church. Anyway, keep up the great thinking and writing. I look forward to being even more annoyed in 2014!!


My aimless projectile vomit-type comments seem tolerated, and sometimes even enjoyed, here. I'm grateful for that.

As long as this blog uses the vapid musings of phonies and carnival barkers (in glasses and bowties) like David Brooks and George Will as jumping off points for conversations, and does not treat them as the well-reasoned thoughts of a serious or important mind, all will be well and I can stop paraphrasing driftglass and Charles Pierce so often. Cheers!


P.S. I also appreciate the book recommendations. I received a copy of Bloom's "Best Poems of the English Language" for Christmas and have already come to treasure it. Thanks, P.M!

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