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January 28, 2014



"Regrettable for us, but even more so for Obama in presidential retirement, as he watches President Hillary Clinton get historic credit for presiding over the barbarians' collapse."

I believe that President Obama, like Moses, will not get to lead us into the Promised Land. I suspect Obama, the master player of the long game, knows it too. I only hope his Joshua will give him proper credit.


Agreed. I think Obama is aware that the domestic policy stalemate is unlikely to resolve before 2016 unless the GOP shuts down the government again this year (which even they don't seem stupid enough to do). I also think, being human, it will annoy him that his presidency will have been largely consumed by this interminable trench warfare. Yet, he'll be gratified that he laid the groundwork for a better nation in his first two years, and by defending his achievements and winning reelection, he set the stage for the implosion of the GOP in its current form. And at least some observers will make that connection.

If the seeds Obama planted sprout into full flower under President Hillary Clinton, I don't think he, or anyone else, will be too concerned about who gets credit. Because it probably means we'll get 5 or 6 consecutive Democratic presidential terms (provided Hillary chooses a plausible, but youngish, successor as VP, which I think she would given her age) and hopefully, an end to the regressive GOP and their inflated representation in the House.

Obama has made his share of rhetorical volleys at the insanity of the GOP, but he has not sustained them over the long haul other than to curbstomp Romney, and when he does call the GOP out, the Village Idiots rush to the fainting couches to condemn Obama's divisive talk and fault HIM for his lack of LEEEEAAAADERSHIP. Which of course makes it harder to sustain the message. That doesn't mean he shouldn't try - but it's what he's up against.

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