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January 29, 2014


For as much as Obama and his team have talked about ignoring the conventional wisdom, I think it's clear that his advisors have come to believe that Morning Joe and his braindead ilk have outsize ability to influence public opinion.

So they have internalized the notion that Obama blaming the GOP for the lack of progress will make him look like he's making excuses, failing to lead, being partisan, all of the fatuous nonsense Fournier and his pals cram into their "Obama sinking" missives.

So we get last night's Obama. Damning the GOP's obstruction indirectly and obliquely. Better than nothing, and more agreeable to the Village Idiot crowd, but probably not changing voter minds.

He's at the point (and has been for a while) where he has little to lose by simply calling it like it is and naming the GOP as the enemy of progress that it is. But much as I admire the president, I know he's probably not gonna do it in the stark terms I think are warranted.

You would have a point if it were just the Republicans hammering disingenuously away. But it isn't. In fact I would go so far as to say it is disingenuous not to notice the left has been every bit as quick and eager to blame the president for that Republican obstruction and, moreover to suggest that the president is really cooperating in this obstruction as part of his larger plan to surrender to the forces of darkness. I see it every day. It is received wisdom now.

If you want to argue that the president needs to educate the left as well as the right, I'll agree. Which makes Chait 100 percent correct.

Two things: 1) The SOTU isn't really the place to go all David Banner. 2) Obama really and truly is a follower of Lincoln, who always sought to turn the opposition (even when they'd seceded!) and never ceased infuriating his radical critics.

As a politician and president, Lincoln was blessed by the South's secession. He didn't have all those idiots in Congess.

I disagree. I think Obama and his advisors believe the economy will be improving over the next few years despite inaction by Congress. By saying he is "taking action" he can take credit for it. And I don't blame him.

Now that is thinking outside the box. And true.

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