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January 31, 2014


I look forward to the centrist/moderate Republican pundit reaction to this development. They fluffed Christie so enthusiastically, then worked so hard to minimize this story as it emerged, and many were forced to say, after gushing in praise of his marathon press conference "but if we find out he knew, he's dead to me"-type things. But they're going to have a really hard time letting go. Christie was their everything. Their one and only.

Morning Joke and Mika in particular will be a laugh riot on Monday, assuming they don't conveniently forget to cover it. They're probably desperately hoping for a Richard Sherman hot mic moment at the Super Bowl to yammer on about instead.

I've been re-reading Fred Emery's 1994 primer "Watergate: the corruption and fall of Richard Nixon". And the parallels are striking. Which is why, having witnessed the original as my first sentient political moment, I felt exactly as you did from the first. He's dead politically - and may not even survive his term - although putting an old crony in charge of the state ethics office might help...

It does feel a little like rubbernecking at the scene of an accident. Caused by a drunken street racer running into a bridge abutment. And look! There's a tarp covering the remains of Christie's career. So sad. I'll probably get around to feeling guilty about about this later. But I'll cross that bridge when they remove the fucking traffic cones.

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