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February 26, 2014


These laws being bandied about in state houses as of late, allow people to use religion to discriminate against anybody for any reason. The problem with religion is that it is so fluid. Any person can make up a religion just off the top of their head and then cite personal religious beliefs to do any number of things and exempt themselves from any number of laws. In a way, I almost wish one of these governor's would sign one of these bills into law just to show what a monumental clusterfuck religious beliefs clashing with civil law creates

I've always found it best not to publicly scorn people who are about to make me food. But that's just me.

"Businesses should be free to practice their religious beliefs."

Last I knew, a business does not have a religious belief, only people do. Ooops, I forgot, corporations are people too, my friend.

I bet they'd shit bricks if Moslems refused service to christians based on religion

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