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February 27, 2014


That's the point that is always lost on the regressives. Yes, surely some liberals (myself included, to a degree) are judgmental of those who are prejudiced against gays. Because they're prejudiced against gays, and never have a reason other than some form of "because the Bible" or "it's gross."

But liberals aren't trying to use force of law to ban people from having those views. Liberals are merely trying to make sure the law can't impose those (now minority in most places) views on everyone - most notably, the vulnerable-to-discrimination gay population.

They routinely fail to grasp this distinction. Sometimes, they do it as a matter of convenience. Sometimes they're just morons. Lowry, someone whose views I generally abhor but who sometimes seems to have at least a few firing synapses...I lean towards the former, but suspect the latter.

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