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February 28, 2014


I like it and I'm glad you posted it...was on a few? Years ago, right?

The thoughtful academic at home.

I always disdained those profile pictures with the subject gazing off into the distance, lost in thought, thinking thoughtful thoughts of incredibly deep thought. But you know what? I discovered every "profile" shot looks a bit goofy, so I conceded defeat and posted just that.

It looks like you are giving a stealth bird, which is kind of amusing to me given that I read alot of your posts as though that's exactly what you are verbally doing to some or our more terrible politicians.

Before, I was only jealous of your abilities as a wordsmith. Now it's the shirt.

Huh, I thought you'd be taller.

I know the look too. I even recognize the hand placement, subtly stimulating the temple while the eyes betray the intense consideration going behind them in the frontal lobes. Where a genial explanation is being formulated of precisely why the person those eyes are looking at is completely full of it.

My brother in spirit.

A fellow left side of the couch kind of guy.

At this point in time, "the photo to the right" is a photo of Ted Cruz.


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