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March 30, 2014


You could almost persuade me that agnosticism is preferable to atheism. If I could just get by the fact that either this hypothetical god takes an interest in human affairs or he does not. If god does not he is irrelevant and if he does he is malign. That being said I found the basic dogma of the church I was raised in, the Catholic church, largely unobjectionable in most respects. I doubt many women would concur given their second class status and that is an area where I would agree with them. Still if you wanted to correlate economic success with choice of religious faith you could definitely do worse than Catholicism.

For me anymore, my religiosity isn't so much about having the correct beliefs as it about the rituals and symbolic content, including language, all of which provide me a means and a kind of space in which to reflect and consider things and hopefully enrich my own life in the process. I don't know who or what God is exactly, but that's sorta the point.

P.M. would probably be very comfortable in a Unitarian Universalist congregation -- the only non-creedal denomination, of which Pres. John Adams (among others) was a member. UUs are non-creedal, not because we don't believe anything, but because we think belief cannot be constrained, and welcome people of various theological perspectives who unite to try to make the world a more just, peaceful place.

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