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March 27, 2014



How anyone could even consider going to war with Russia is beyond comprehension.

Anne J

Well Jason, most of the people who are considering going to war with Russia are the ones who would never have to, and would never want to do any of the fighting themselves.

Peter G

The Russians are doing something I would not have thought possible. They are restoring NATO to relevance and restoring the impetus to a more comprehensive EU than just an economic one.


The way Itaught WWII changed when I was--why? I don't know--reading some article on the way WWII is taught in various national curricula. It said that in France, it is taught as if defeating the Nazis was almost an entirely French effort: the Russians, the US, and of course the Brits, are barely acknowledged. Somehow some sysnapses connected and a light bulb flamed above my head, and I thought, "That's what we in the US are doing the Russians!"

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