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April 29, 2014


I wonder if these are the same voters who complain about nothing getting done in Washington? Our president's approval rating may be in the low 40's but congress is lucky to pull double digits yet the same congresspeople keep getting reelected. George Carlin was right. Politicians aren't the problem, people are.

I think the run of the mill voter still, STILL views the GOP as the party of old curmudgeons like Bob Dole, John Warner, and the like. Guys who believed in public service, even if their policy ideas were typically off the mark. Guys who didn't want to nuke the federal government for reasons they didn't even bother to pretend to understand. Guys who wouldn't hate President Obama in such open and vile terms, and for no good reason.

These voters would be surprised to find out that this GOP hasn't truly existed since the early 90s, and most of the leftovers from that era are gone or senile.

That seems about right. The far right has been whining since his inauguration about how radical he is what with setting universal health care as a goal. And the far left has been braying about his clear intentions to destroy all freedoms through the wild and uncontrolled security apparatus. And, of course, for not politicizing the Justice department and failing to round up and jail people the left didn't like. Clearly the man was out of control.

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