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April 29, 2014


Thank you for this. The sense of entitlement, for all the bloviating from the right, is most firmly entrenched at the top of the economic scale.

There is far more animosity toward the "little" people exhibited by those at the top of that ladder than there is in the reverse direction (although that appears to be changing).

While racism is still a very pernicious cancer eating at our society, classism is almost as big a disease, mainly because those at the top utilize racism as a means of deflecting people from looking at their own "Plantation Mentality" which they hold against all who do not belong to their inner circle.

What is funny is that some of those who argue the loudest for the rights of the wealthy, i.e. Paul Ryan, really don't realize that they are included in the lower class. It's just that they fall into the House Slave versus the Field Slave category.

I have worked for a few bosses who had the attitude of resentment towards their employees. It's like they are happy that customer demand requires that they hire employees but are resentful at the notion of having to pay them. Just how much of his fortune is due to government favoritism towards the richest in our society anyway? People like him and Cliven Bundy get way more out of the government than a minimum wage worker who must also rely on SNAP and Medicaid. It is the rich white men who now feel their sense of entitlement is under assault. They think the status quo that so heavily favors them is under threat and they are lashing out more than ever.

When I read the transcript that is exactly the thing that caught my eye. Not the mundane racism but the strange assertion that, by virtue of buying a franchise, he made basketball happen. It's an almost shamanistic view of reality. A kind of cargo cult view of capitalism. Shit happened because he bought something.

The grand are grandiose. If they were shorter by, say, a head, that would fix it.

Just kidding. Let's try steeply graduated taxes instead. Used to work, might again.

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