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May 29, 2014



Since when is it "shortsighted" to take an additional two years to extricate ourselves from our longest war? It is way past time to send all of these Obama-hating neocons, gun freaks, and Cliven Bundy fanboys off to the front lines. They want to play with guns and insert themselves into everyone else's business in the world, then let's give them and only them the opportunity. I for one, will be enjoying the Obama doctrine of non-intervention while it lasts, because who knows what the next president has in store for us.


It is indeed a vision to die for...provided the neocons aren't doing any of the dying. They will have credibility only when their own children are on the firing line.


I so hope that in a few decades when historians are studying this era, they'll bang their heads against the desk as hard as I do when they discover that the same braindead frauds who started the Iraq war and botched the Afghanistan mission were still given a megaphone to pretend they had anything interesting to say about these topics in the years immediately after their breathtaking incompetence cost the nation and the world so much, and gained it so little...scratch that, gained it FUCKING NOTHING.

If we can't round up the neocons and send them to the Hague, can't we at least publicly shame them into seclusion so that we never have to hear their warmongering delusions again? Is that too much to ask?


Or perhaps every time some neocon screams for war, POTUS could go to the Congress and ask for a declaration of war. That would shut the f&#kers up in a NYM.

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