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May 30, 2014



I share your fears, PM, but I hold out a candle of hope that she has learned something from Obama and her years at State. Time will tell.


And this is why I said I was going to enjoy the Obama doctrine while it lasts, not having any idea what's in store for us next. I don't know what kind of president Hillary Clinton will be or if she will be a war hawk just to show she's got balls as big as the boys. Perhaps in light of us just now winding down our longest war, plus the problems at the V.A. which I believe most people think is a result of these long and costly wars, our collective appetite for future combat will be just as lacking as it is now.

Peter G

What about her stint as Secretary of State did you find offensive? On the contrary to the imprudence you find previously she displayed in my opinion considerable skill and energy in rebuilding and advancing soft diplomatic power around the world. It looks to me as if she discharged that office quite well and perfectly consistently with the goals of the Obama administration.

If you want to assume her administration would be a repeat of her husband's the main critique there would be the failure to properly organize a response to the genocide in Rwanda. The Balkans on the other hand would have been a lot worse had the US not lead the Europeans to get off their collective asses. There was also the very prompt response to Saddam Hussein's renewed assault against the Kurds. And of course there were the Oslo accords which made the first steps towards Palestinian self rule. An important step that. If fact it all looked pretty rational to me by the admittedly demented polices of the subsequent Bush Administration.

I think your fears are misplace.


I do believe her vote was based entirely on the fact that the people by whom she is employed and handled were very much in favor of the war.I also believe she will involve us in another war at the first opportunity.

S. holland

I must, optimistically, agree with Peter G.....I think she learned from her years as Secretary of State AND from Obama.

Peter G

And so it was. I note that the current occupant of the White House believes that holding the debt limit of the government hostage to political goals is not rational. But did exactly that as a United States senator.

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