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May 29, 2014



It seems that the pundits don't know what the rest of America understands. We're war-weary and not in the mood for any more boots on the ground foreign adventures anytime soon no matter what the armchair warriors want.


Too bad they won't interview all the veteran students I've had over the last few years, each and every one of whom has described the Afghan and Iraqi operations as follows: "useless," "a huge mistake," "futile," "a waste," "stupid," "we had no business being there," "our government was totally out of touch," "Washington was clueless," "us soldiers didn't even know what we were doing there," "my buddies died for nothing."

But you know, "America, fuck yeah!!" and all that nonsense.


"Fuck yeah" indeed, Jason. Of course the media never wants to talk to the people who actually have to deal with the policies put forth by the people they want all that access to.

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