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May 30, 2014


Peter G

Do not be too hasty. Shinoseki is now free to speak the truth.


Once again, the politics of firing someone just to make other people feel better without addressing the real problems. And this is as much the fault of the general public as it is anyone else's. Where I live during the Bush administration, lots of people drove around in SUV's with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers and "Support Our Troops" yellow ribbon magnets firmly attached. Looking back, it now looks like a total contradiction. The people voted for politicians who promised to cut their taxes, so no one would have to foot the bill for paying for the huge influx of care required by the aging Vietnam vets as well as the returning vets from the too long and unnecessary wars in the Middle East. Until we are willing to put our money where our yellow ribbon magnets are, we are all culpable.


If you really believe Obama fired Shinseki, I would like to know what you based that on. Shinseki resigned, period.

S. holland

Yes, he resigned...and yes, he may now speak his mind, which I pray he does...but, where was one democrat standing up saying this problem has been with us for years and was magnified horribly by Bush's war and that the republicans voted down every increase for our vets!! Read the article at Mother Jones about the problems's tragic

Peter G

What they were doing is excersing their political survival instincts which told them that it was much better to throw a whole branch of the civil service under the bus than to look like they were oiling out of personal culpability. Thereby oiling out of personal responsibility.

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